We have been working on special snails for many different applications. We now offer our heavy duty snail cams for twin shock bikes that utilize a 15mm axle. We have snails with a 2mm recess to fit the Scorpa along with our ever popular Montesa, GasGas and standard snails. So whatever you ride, we have a set of snails for you.

Starting in '07 the GasGas uses a newly designed axle that presses onto one snail and uses a 10mm allen head bolt on the other. Just tap the original snail off of your stock axle, then tap the axle into the new V-Mar snail. We even supply a new low profile button head bolt for the other side.

Special Edition Snail cams. Take our popular oversize snail cam and add a bottle opener so you are ready for that post ride cold one.

All of our Snail Cams are designed to look cool, as well as give more adjustment to the rear wheel. When changing to a smaller sprocket the stock cams are often too small to allow you to take out all the slack in the chain. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and come black, red or gold anodized.

Standard Snail Cams $39.95/pair
Montesa Snail Cams$39.95/pair
Gas-Gas Snail Cams $39.95/pair
Twin Shock (15mm) Snail Cams $39.95/pair
Scorpa Snail Cams$39.95/pair
Snail Cams: Special Edition $39.95/pair