V-Mar Offroad

V-Mar Offroad started in 1982 as a VW Performance parts dealer. We would travel to various races and VW events and sell aftermarket High Performance VW parts and accessories. In 1984 the current shop was opened and a full service VW shop was born. Since those days V-Mar has branched out a bit, as you can see from this website, into many different directions. We still do VW maintainance and repair on a daily basis. Both stock and high-performance. One of our specialties has always been transaxles, and to help myself, and my customers to pick gear ratios for their performance gearboxes I wrote a javascript gear calculator that is available here for all of you to play with. Gear Calculator. After building that one, I was inspired, so I then did a second one to calculate engine specs. The engine calculator will calculate size (cc's or C.I.) Compression ratio, or help you figure correct deck heights or combustion chamber cc's. You can input any number of cylinders, and either Inch measurements or mm. It even has a inch-metric converter for quick conversions.

The shop has been the home base for the V-Mar race team as well. The various race cars that we have campaigned over the years have been built and maintained here at the shop. From the early days of drag racing to the serious off road racing where the famous Rasta Surf Bug was born.

Along with the VW work, we also handle a fair amount of custom welding and metal fabrication. Mostly specializing in Heliarc welding, we handle aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly, and plain carbon steel.

The shop is still located in it's original location in Napa, California. We are not a mail order business (sorry) and often don't answer the phone when things are busy. The best way to contact us is through email. Email us