My Rim after the Fireworks 250The image above pretty well sums up the V-Mar race team effort over the past few years. The last race the Rasta Surf Bug entered was the '96 SCORE Fireworks 250 in Barstow, CA. The car was running strong and then crashed out about half way through the race. You can read a more detailed account of the race here. Since then the whole race effort has been in mothballs. I'm not really sure how it happened. We had no intention of stopping, but one race after another slipped by, and more and more projects slipped in the way. We are all very saddened by this, and hope to be back out there in some capacity again. I think that chasing points and trying to follow the entire season again is out of the question, but we do hope to make a few races here and there.
You will be seeing the Rasta-man at the outdoor national motocross series this year. I will be engineering a low power FM radio station so the fans will be able to monitor all the action on their FM walkmans. Look for MotoRadio at a MX near you.
Lake Elsinore
You may have thought you saw the dreadlocks flying at the Lake Elsinore GP this year, well you were not mistaken. I took out the trusty OLD '83 Honda XR350, and did some riding this year. I rode the open class race on Saturday, and finished 28th. It was a fun time, the Lake Elsinore race has a lot of history.
Engine and Gear Ratio Calculators
My engine and gear ratio calculators are still here if you want to play around with your engine or transmission specs and compare results. These are quite handy if you are planning a gear change, or need to calculate some motor specs (displacement, compression ratio, combustion chamber volume, etc..)
Race Stories
Here are a few highlighted stories from the archives:
The 1996 Baja 1000
The 1996 Fireworks 250
The 1996 Parker 400
SCORE Artwork
In a cross between art and racing, I was designing and producing the little aluminum dash plaques for the SCORE series for a number of years. Here is an archive of the various designs that I produced for them.

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