I have been quite busy with different Art projects in one form or another. I have built a number of sculpturesover the years. Unfortunately I have very poor documentation of them all or I would have a nice portfolio here for you all to gaze upon. The ones I do have photos of are here....

So far I have the Solar Powered Bubble Machine pretty well documented online. I'll be working on the rest as time permits.

I was designing and manufacturing the little aluminum "dash plaques" that were given to the participants of the SCORE offroad races for several years. I put together an archive of the designs. The plaques were approx 1"X3" with stickum on the back so you could stickem on your dash. It was fun to think up new ideas as each race rolled around. It also helped pay some of my entry fees!!

Renaisance Faire
I have also been doing more work in the performing arts lately. I have worked at the Northern Calif Renaisance Faire for the past 6 or 7 years. I have been in the Dance Macabre, as well as the Court of Misrule (the Fools guild). I even did some sidelining as a Monger. It has been a blast and some great experience in improv and street theater.

Oregon Country Fair
I have been to the for 3 years now and really enjoy that one. Unlike the Rennaisance Faire, it only lasts for 1 weekend. It has a great energy, and like so many of the things I do, it is almost impossible to put into words, it just has to be experienced.

Burning Man
Like I said, you have to be there. I do have a bunch of pictures of this one. There are a some from '95, and another batch from '98. If you search the web, you will find countless sites dedicated to the Burning Man Project.

SRL and the Seemen
Both of these groups work in robotics and large scale machine performances. I have worked with Kal from the Seemen on several different projects and performed with them a few different times. I have done several shows with SRL, mostly as grunt labor, and clean up afterwards. I spent about 10 days in Austin Texas with the group in the spring of '97. Most recently I worked with Greg Legh on the construction of a new Toroid for his Tesla coil. This coil is used in SRL performances and was set up at the Burning Man event in '98.

The 24 hour Community Spacewalk is the brainchild of my buddy Warrior Girl. I have had so much fun at these events as Superhero Megahurts providing a blow by blow commentary from the streets with my mobile radio station. Radio Spacewalk was on the air (for 24 hours) broadcasting an eclectic mix of music, with my commentary on top. The Spacewalk is a wonderful event that brings together hundreds of artists and the local community to create this 24 hour event.

Bay to Breakers
Art? the Bay to Breakers? Call it a performance, street theater with 80,000 of your closest friends. I have run the Bay to Breakers twice, 1996 and 1997 on STILTS !! If you thought I was a little bit strange before, well this probably put it right over the top. It was quite the performance, I made the TV coverage both years. I decided to give myself a break and take 1998 off. We'll see what happens in '99.

For a quick look at all the pictures here on the V-Mar site, try the picture list. It is all the same images that are scattered throughout the site, all listed together so you can avoid surfing through all the pages, and reading all the text.